What is Forex Welcome Bonus and How to Benefit from it?

What is Forex Welcome Bonus and How to Benefit from it?

Forex Welcome Bonus

Forex brokers often issue forex welcome bonuses to draw in potential traders using their platforms. The bonus serves as a ‘risk-free’ fund for the individual, and will not be taken away even if it is lost during trading. Each broker has distinct rules about how one can acquire the bonus – some may give it out after extensive trades have been made, others when money has simply been deposited into an account or could require several transactions prior to dispersing of said bonus.

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How does Forex Bonus Work?

In the case of the deposit bonus, you have to make a Forex deposit, after accepting the broker’s terms & conditions. Once the account has been deposited, it may take a few hours, or days in some cases, to receive the bonus on your account. Once you receive your bonus, you may start trading with your bonus.

But for the volume bonus, you need to trade the required trading volume in order to claim the bonus. Once you complete the required volume, the bonus money can be transferred from the broker to the account. After this, you can do whatever you want with these funds.

What is Forex Welcome Bonus?

The forex welcome bonus is a one-time bonus exclusively offered to newly registered accounts. Usually, a no-deposit bonus (NDB) doesn’t require initial deposits to be earned. It is one of the most popular types of forex bonuses. However, not many brokers offer an unconditional welcome bonus.

A non-deposit bonus is a popular promotional deal in forex trading. It means that the broker will gift new accounts with a bonus with no initial deposit required. No deposit bonus is usually a small amount between $10 to $55, and it is considerably smaller than the deposit bonuses. The deposit bonus, on the other hand, may be offered as a percentage of the total deposit amount.

Free Forex Welcome Bonus

The free Forex welcome bonus is typically a fixed value. This type of bonus is not usually a big one. The funds are credited to the bonus account directly after a trader opens the account. These funds allow the trader to open trades freely. However, certain requirements must be met before the trader can withdraw this money. Usually, a bonus account does have the same trading requirements as the standard forex welcome bonus, but with no deposit requirements.

Forex Welcome Bonus

How to Receive a Forex Welcome Bonus?

To receive a welcome bonus, you need first to open a forex account and verify your account with personal details. The next few steps will vary according to the welcome bonus requirements. In the case of the non-deposit welcome bonus, you will receive it right away in your account after you open it. However, in case of the welcome bonus requires a money deposit or trading requirements, you will have to meet these requirements first by depositing or trading some lots before you are able to receive your bonus.

What is the benefit of the Welcome Bonus?

The forex welcome bonus allows traders to trade without any cost. Other trading advantage includes minimizing the risks, testing the broker, and practicing trading strategies. This is usually encouraging for new users and those who cannot afford to deposit a large amount. In the case of a free no-deposit forex welcome bonus, the trader is provided with an opportunity to start trading on a live account, explore the market, and then make a deposit. Some brokers allow traders to withdraw bonus funds depending on several conditions.

However, a welcome bonus may have some disadvantages as there are often several conditions for the forex welcome bonus to be earned, which creates some limitations for the traders. Also, the withdrawal of bonuses can be allowed only after the trader meets certain requirements. Trading with the forex welcome bonus generated different emotional reactions and magnify the risks of emotional trading which may lead to irrational trading decisions.

Benefits for IBs

Welcome bonuses are a great way for IBs to attract new traders to their platforms. Not only do they provide an incentive for new customers, but they also allow IBs to build trust with traders and establish long-term relationships. Additionally, welcome bonuses give brokers and IBs the chance to showcase their features and services while giving traders the opportunity to test out their platforms without risking their own capital. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

In conclusion, welcome bonuses can be beneficial for both brokers/IBs. By offering a bonus, brokers and forex IBs are able to attract more customers while giving them the incentive to stay on their platform. New traders, on the other hand, can use the bonus money to test out different strategies and get a feel for the market before investing their own money. Therefore, welcome bonuses are an essential part of any trading strategy and should not be overlooked.

How to choose the best welcome bonus?

When choosing a forex welcome bonus, it is important to take into account the terms and conditions of the offer. It’s essential to be cautious when choosing the best bonus program and broker. Here are some criteria to consider when selecting an honest and reliable broker and welcome bonus conditions or a no-deposit bonus:

  • Regulated Broker: If you’re going to go with a broker, it is vital that they are regulated by renowned bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (FCA) or (ASIC). Taking this step will guarantee that your broker abides by industry standards, and provides transparency and fairness for all clients.
  • Bonus conditions: Look for bonuses that come with low minimum deposits and favorable trading conditions such as flexible spreads or no-slippage execution.
  • Great Reputation: When searching for a broker, make sure you do intensive research. Examine reviews from other traders to get an insight into the level of service and overall performance they provide. This will help ensure that you find a broker with an outstanding reputation in the industry.
  • Reliable Trading Conditions: Examine the trading conditions offered by your broker with care, accounting for account types available, a broad selection of financial instruments provided, as well as spread and leverage alternatives. Ensure that these conditions are suitable for fulfilling your objectives through efficient trading strategies.
  • Fast Payments: Prior to withdrawing any profits made from a no-deposit bonus, it is essential to fully comprehend the terms and conditions associated with it. There may be certain stringent rules or limitations imposed by brokers for cashing out such rewards so make sure you have read through those thoroughly!
  • Excellent Customer Support: When it comes to customer support, make sure you select a broker who is reliable and accessible. Opt for one with multiple communication options like phone, email, and live chat so that any inquiries or concerns can be addressed swiftly without hassle.

Top Tips on how to find the best Forex bonus?

According to industry experts and professional traders with expensive experience, it is important to conduct research before stepping into the forex trading world.

Research and compare: To begin, take the time to research and contrast different offers from various brokers. Consider factors such as bonus amount, trading volume criteria, payment system options, restrictions on how you can use the extra funds, and all important factors. Also account for a forex broker’s reputation among traders and financial forums and Facebook groups. By weighing all of these components thoroughly, you’ll discover competitive bonuses combined with top-notch platforms and tools from reputable forex brokers that will help upgrade your trading experience significantly.

Avoid common mistakes:

  • The first common mistake some traders make when choosing a forex bonus is that they build their entire choice of broker only on bonus size. In this case, traders may end up choosing a forex broker with wide spreads or high commissions per trade. This means that the forex bonus you earned will be charged as trading costs eventually.
  • Another misstep some traders make is failing to read the bonus terms and conditions. If you don’t adhere to all requirements, then you won’t be able to obtain your bonus. Some traders even deposit more than what they can comfortably manage in order to get a bigger bonus size; this often leads them into making bad decisions out of anxiety and could eventually mean losing far more money than the number of their winnings from the bonuses.

Make sure you consult professional traders to get a better understanding of the forex risks, as well as learn forex for beginners basics to increase your awareness.

Trading the Bonus Explained by Professionals

As professionals always recommended that you should never employ any trading strategy just to cash out the bonus. The main concept here is to choose a bonus that fits your trading strategy, rather than adapting your strategy to the bonus. Once you select such a bonus, cashing it out will be rather easy. In some cases, you may find yourself in a situation wherein the bonus is about to expire, yet you still have some volume to achieve.

In such a case, you should calculate what the trading expenses for this volume are, and compare them to the size of the bonus you will get. If you find that the bonus is larger, then you can hedge your deals and achieve the trading volume without high risk. Note that this should only be completed only if the broker bonus deposit terms allow hedging.

Trading Advantages of Forex Bonuses

First, Increasing trading equity and investment capital. For example, if you deposit $2000 into your trading account and get a 20% bonus, which equals $400. So, the total account balance has increased to $2400. This enables you to hold more trades and swap larger lot sizes if you maximize the value of your original deposit. Shortly, a strong bonus provides you with more opportunities for trading in the foreign exchange market and increases the odds of making more money.

Second, the leverage increases. The more money you have in your trading account, the larger the spot size you will choose. This raises your chances of making more money.

Third, examine how good a broker is. As mentioned earlier, you have to pay close attention to the terms and conditions of every bonus package. Some brokers would take back whatever bonuses you’ve received if you make a withdrawal. Others, on the other side, would only let you remove the bonus once you’ve traded a certain amount. You better look for a broker who provides proportional withdrawal of your bonus. So, let’s say that you withdrew 70% of the usable balance, the same percentage of your bonus will also be taken away. Yet, it is still a better deal than giving up your whole bonus.

Be aware of Bonus Scams

Bonus Forex

Some untrusted brokers may try to attract new and naive customers by giving away valuable gifts. Many can offer traders smartphones and similar gifts for deposits. But this is not how the forex bonus work. What is the benefit of sending clients expensive items right after they have opened an account? Such brokers aren’t interested in building a reputation, so they will accept negative feedback.

Don’t get tempted by forex brokers that offer double or triple your deposit amount. These bonuses usually offer you nothing in return. Such huge bonuses are simply used to trick you into increasing your leverage and blocking your withdrawals so you will have to take risky trading decisions. It is important to know that most large bonuses are usually not available for withdrawal. And trading conditions attached to them are usually hard to achieve, especially when a trader sticks to proper risk management practices.

Trade with the professionals

Our trading platform is a rapidly expanding forex service that stands apart from others on the market. We have integrated cutting-edge technology and advanced executions in order to provide our clients with an award-winning brokerage service. Our unique bonus program, intended for long-term traders, has been implemented to further enhance their trading conditions.

Making the correct choice when it comes to your broker is paramount, especially concerning bonuses and promotions. The top brokers provide attractive incentives while also guaranteeing that their terms are comprehensible and achievable – so you always have a successful trading experience! Choosing the right broker can help ensure you don’t leave feeling let down in the end.

Before enrolling in any Forex welcome bonuses, make sure to read through all of the terms and conditions carefully. Familiarize yourself with the withdrawal rules so you don’t miss out on potential benefits or agree to offers that have disadvantageous stipulations.

What are the eligibility requirements for a forex welcome bonus?

If you want to take advantage of a Forex welcome bonus, it’s important to open an account with the appropriate broker and meet certain conditions. The volume of trades required may vary depending on which broker is offering the bonus along with other details such as the type of bonus being offered.

Are there any restrictions on how you can use the bonus funds?

Yes, in most cases forex welcome bonus funds are subject to certain restrictions. Typically, you may need to meet certain trading requirements before you can withdraw your bonus funds or they may only be available for use on specific types of trades, such as the minimum amount of traded lots or a certain amount of funds in the account.
The welcome bonus limitation may vary and each broker has different conditions and risk management considerations. It’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions associated with any forex bonus that you are considering in order to ensure that it meets your needs and trading goals.

Как получить бездепозитный бонус на Форекс?

бездепозитный бонус Форекс

Бездепозитный бонус Форекс – это средства, которые трейдер может получить в подарок от дилингового центра на собственный торговый счет. Синоним – Welcome bonus, то есть приветственный бонус (Б.), некоторые трейдеры используют термин “бездепозитный Форекс”. Как следует из названия, собственные средства для торговли не нужны. Правда, и размер такого Б. будет невелик – 5$, иногда 10$. Но этого вполне хватает начинающему трейдеру, который не имеет более-менее крупной суммы или не желает вкладывать средства в незнакомого брокера, но очень хочет попробовать новый сервис.

Как получить бездепозитный бонус Форекс?

К обязательным условиям получения приветственного Б. относятся регистрация нового клиента и подтверждение его личности. Также бонус нужно отыграть, то есть заключить определенное количество сделок. То есть Б. могут получить только новые клиенты. Все эти меры направлены на избежание махинаций. Например, чтобы трейдер не мог зарегистрировать 2 счета и открыть 2 противоположные сделки. Ведь тогда он получит гарантированную прибыль по одной сделке, а на другом счете он “потеряет” деньги брокера. Выгода для трейдера очевидна, но брокер терпит убыток, пусть и небольшой. А вот если так будут торговать многие трейдеры, то и убытки составят более внушительные суммы. Поэтому брокер максимально заинтересован в честной торговле трейдера.

Да, можно обойти данное ограничение, зарегистрировав кроме себя родственников или знакомых. Но даже при большом количестве знакомых и их согласии прибыль будет одноразовой и небольшой. Кроме этого, каждый новый клиент должен пройти верификацию, то есть подтвердить свою личность, отправив службе поддержки письмо с отсканированными копиями паспорта. У вас много найдется знакомых, которые согласятся выслать сканы паспорта ради 5$? Вот и делайте выводы о реальности данного способа.

Отыгрыш бездепозитного бонуса Форекс

Выгода брокера в случае предоставления приветственного Б. состоит в привлечении новых клиентов и получении части спрэда от торговли. То есть, когда трейдер торгует, пусть даже и на деньги брокера, снять выигрыш можно только в случае закрытия определенного количества сделок. При этом брокер получает (со спрэда) частичную или полную компенсацию на вложенные 5$ или 10$.

Так вот, чтобы трейдер отыграл Б., он должен закрыть некоторое количество позиций. Учитывая, что размер депозита очень маленький, советуем открываться минимальным лотом (например, 0,01 или 0,001 – в зависимости от брокера). Можно использовать скальпинг (самый быстрый способ отыграть Б.) или торговать по другой стратегии. Все же скальпирование предпочтительнее ввиду большого размера лота и количества открываемых позиций, что позволит быстрее закрыть сделки и вывести средства на свой кошелек.

Брокеры, предлагающие бездепозитный бонус Форекс

Одним из самых известных брокеров, предлагающих услугу бездепозитного Форекс, на сегодня является InstaForex. Да, есть и другие (NordFX, ForexCent и т.д.), но торговля через ИнстаФорекс имеет множество преимуществ. Данный брокер неоднократно получал звания лучшего брокера года и различные награды. У Инсты хорошо работает система ребейта (возврата части спрэда), партнерская программа и ПАММ-инвестирование. Все особенности ИнстаФорекс трудно описать в одном абзаце, поэтому заходите на официальный сайт и убедитесь в преимуществах торговли с Инстой сами.


Несмотря на удобство получения Welcome bonus, трейдеры с опытом часто не используют данный механизм получения прибыли. Профессионалу проще получить бонус на пополнение счета и торговать на приличном депозите, потихоньку отыгрывая Б. Согласитесь, в этом случае трейдер сам определяет размер лота и чувствует себя более свободно и уверенно при просадках.

Воспользоваться возможностью бездепозитного Форекс или нет – решать вам. А профессионалы уже торгуют и зарабатывают. Не ждите, а действуйте!

Помните, что прибыльность торговли очень сильно зависит от выбранного вами брокера!

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